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Our Projects

Getting hands on experience in college is invaluable to your resume. Joining one of our projects will make you stand out from the crowd, teach you critical skills, and help you network amongst your peers. Click on the logo of projects you are interested in for more info.



Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

Experimental Sounding Rocket Association, also known as ESRA, is a student-led aerospace club dedicated to promoting California State University Long Beach's pursuit of excellence in education, research and service in the field of aerospace technologies.

For more information, please contact


Long Beach Aviation

Long Beach Aviation, also known as LBA, is a student led aerospace club that is working on designing model aircraft for the annual Design, Build, Fly competition held by AIAA. LBA is the only Aeronautics focused project group at California State University, Long Beach!

For more information, please contact

LBA Logo 2-10-2021.png
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