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Spring 2020 Week of Welcome

January 29th-30th, 2020
Week of Welcome Spring 2020 Day 2

Spring 2020 GBM #1

January 29th, 2020
Spring 2020 GBM #1

AIAA hosts their first general body meeting of the 2020 spring semester. They discuss their mission and goals of the spring semester while also explaining their three astronautic and aeronautic projects. The project representatives encourage new members to join their club for the upcoming competitions.

AIAA Women Engineers at the Beach

November 15, 2019

AIAA participates in the annual Women Engineers at the Beach day! Where SWE (Society of Women Engineers) hosts every year to show women from middle schools and high schools the endless possibilities of becoming an engineer! Here we present our popular game "Shoot Your Shot" !


November 16, 2019

AIAA participates in the annual MESA Day, where the organization hosts a couple times a school year. During this day, middle school students explore the hands-on experiences that is STEM ! We were happy to host our activity "Shoot Your Shot"! Here we had the students design and test their paper gliders through our rigorous test goal simulation. If the student successful lands through the goal, we reward them with a prize!  

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